Sign Materials

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*Coroplast is a plastic cardboard material, it can be used outdoors but it should have a backer board to give it support. Approx 1/4” thick.

*Alum-A-Bond is a outdoor material, aluminum both sides and a plastic core. Similar to highway signs. Approx ¼” thick.

*Integral is a outdoor material, it is like a plastic plywood. Approx. 3/8” or ½” thick.

*Magnet is an indoor / outdoor material. Approx. 0.020mm (fridge magnet) or 0.030mm (vehicle magnet).

** Lamination is available and it will protect the print against the elements, and possible damage.

*Banner is an indoor/ outdoor material, it can be grommeted and hemmed. Approx. 14 oz, although we can find lighter material as well.